odorous House Ant


Treat Outdoor Ant Mounds - We treat ants at the source, killing off the colony, which is most effective.
Spray the Outdoor Perimeter - We spray a barrier around the exterior of your home, creating a barrier that helps prevent new colony growth. A follow-up treatment every 90 days will keep those ants away!
Bait the Indoor Ants- Rather than use sprays indoors with odorous house ants (which will cause stress on the colony and cause it to split into a larger number of sub colonies), a liquid insecticide is used and the ants will carry the substance back to the nest, and eventually, the colony will die off.
Dust Treatments - We dust underneath baseboards, and inside cracks,
crevices, and spaces where any activity is suspected, including all areas
that cannot be sprayed.

How To Prevent ants

Keep things inside of your house clean..
Only prepare and eat food in one or two areas of your home that are
cleaned daily.
Eliminate ant entryways with caulking or other appropriate materials.
They can enter through the tiniest of spaces which include gaps and
cracks in the foundation, baseboards, window frames, and door frames.
Remove materials that serve as potential ant harborages as far away
from your home as possible. Think areas like: stacked or piled lumber,
stones, bricks, leaf litter, and heavy mulch.
Trim shrubs, bushes, trees, and other vegetation away from your home.
Repair any leaks in faulty pipes or faucets.


carpenter ant

How To Prevent Carpenter Ants

Identify and fix any leaks found near where the ants are spotted.
Remove any limbs or large shrubs that touch the house, especially the
roof, as these are used for them to gain access to your home.
Remove all stumps and dying trees within 50 feet of the house and
garage areas.
Keep all firewood off of the ground and away from the home.
Use stone and/or gravel, rather than mulch, where there is ongoing
ground moisture.
Check older trees on your property for signs of outdoor colonies.
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