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What is unique about Boise Pest Pros?

We like to think of ourselves as a customer service company first. Our goal since day one has been to build a business is convenient for our customers. In a world where you already have to deal with the phone company, satellite company and other industries that are known to have poor customer service we think we can be better. Our promise is to answer your phone call, come quickly, be affordable and be reliable.

How much does a Boise Pest Pros Pest plan cost?

For a preventative quarterly plan the normal price is $89/quarter and includes a 60 guarantee after each service. Where you live may effect the price as well, if you are in our regular service area the price will be what's listed on our website, If you live outside we may add some cost to offset drive time. If you have an existing issue like mice or ants the price may be higher. Each job can be different so we don't have one price for existing jobs. However most existing jobs are between $129-$199

What type of pests do you treat for?

We treat for almost all common pests in the Boise, Meridian, and Nampa area. Namely: Ants (including carpenter ants), Spiders, Mice, Earwigs, Stinkbugs, Fleas and others.

Is there any annual contract or commitment?

Unlike other big companies that make you sign long expensive contracts we let our service speak for it's self. Most of our customers sign up for our quarterly service where we put you on a regular schedule every 90 days. We always send you a notification before we come and because it's your service you are free to reschedule, pause, or skip service based on your needs. No contracts, just really awesome service.

Is Boise Pest Pros locally owned?

Yep! We are headquartered in Boise. We take pride in living and working in Idaho.

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Pests Covered

What kinds of pests do you treat for?

We treat for almost all common pests in the the Boise area. Namely: Ants (including carpenter ants), Spiders, Mice, Earwigs, Stinkbugs, Fleas and others.

Do I have to pay for each type of pest you come to treat for?

If you sign up for our quarterly pest control service almost all types of pests are included. Once you are on our plan we also never up charge you just because you have a different issue than you originally signed up for.

What type of pests are common in this area?

It really depends on the season. Spiders, ants, and wasps are more common in the summer. Mice fleas and odorous house ants are more common in the winter.

What if my pests come back after you come by?

Pests are very unpredictable and while we'll do our best to resolve your issue its common for pests to sometimes reemerge again. Lucky for you we offer a 60 day warranty on all of our services so even if your pests come back so do we.

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Plans & Pricing

What is included in Boise Pest Pro's guarantee?

If your pests come back within 60 days so do we, at no extra charge. Its as simple as that.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No way Jose! We hate contracts and we know you do too. We give you the flexibility you want and deserve.

What if I need to cancel my service?

You can, its your service. Just let us know before we come out and we can pause, reschedule, skip or cancel your service anytime. We really should make this whole thing harder.

Whats included in the regular service?

Each visit we will sweep of webs and nests from around your house. Next we'll treat and inspect in any cracks or holes found around your home. We'll always ask to see if you need anything done on the inside of your home. Last but not least we'll go around the exterior of your home with a barrier that is proven to keep out spiders, ants, fleas and other common pests.

Whats better? A one time service or a regular service?

It really depends on your needs. Most of our customers have us come out to solve an existing issue and then decide to sign up for a quarterly service to help prevent pest issues down the road. Typically one time services or existing issues cost more because they take more resources and time whereas with the quarterly plan any random pest issues that come up once you have your service are included.

health and safety

Health and Safety

Are the products you use safe for me, my children and my pets?

Yep! Our technicians will always instruct you on what you need to do to be safe 100% of the time.

Will I have to leave the house for the entire day?

Nope. The products we use we've selected because they are both safe and effective. You don't need to leave the house for more services when we come by. On some occasions, with new babies, or pets in the home we do recommend you stay clear of the serviced areas for 1-2 hours.

Will you tell me what products you are using at each visit?

Yes. We believe the biggest part of being safe is being transparent with you.after each service you'll have a list and quantities of each product we use around your home.

Are you licensed to do pest control?

Yes. All of our technicians are licensed and have gone through hours of training and studying to qualify to work for Boise Pest Pros.

How can I be sure these products are safe for my family?

We have families too and so we know how important your family is. We promise to never use a product we wouldn't use around our homes.

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